Ramana  Maharshi Commentary

Ramana Commentaty: Who am I? Paragraph 2 Negation and discrimination

October 8, 2021

Here starts Ramana's teaching on spiritual practice, focusing on negation and discrimination.
Ramana's words:

“Who am I?”

I am not this physical body,
nor am I the five organs of sense perception,
I am not the five organs of external activity,
nor am I the five vital forces, nor am I even the thinking Mind.
Neither am I that unconscious state of nescience which retains merely the subtle vasanas (latencies of the mind) which being free from the functional activity of the sense organs and of the mind, and being unaware of the existence of the objects of sense perception.
Commentary by Richard Clarke, plus an audio from Swami Sarvapriyananda, "Differentiating ego and mind from Pure Awareness."

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